A quick farmers market run before heading to meet my friend Tara at the Saving Grace restaurant for brunch. On the way driving down Bay Street I see several blocks of Cement Trucks. There are at least 20 of them. As I pass the construction site I discover that they are pumping concrete into the foundation of a condo. They are doing it from all sides with cement trucks surrounding the place.

Cement Trucks at the Condo Site

I hold a spot in line at Saving Grace restaurant. Tara arrives and gifts me some skin cream and lip balm she made herself. Both a divine. We get a seat in the corner away from the door. Order a smoothie and the poached egg special. Tara has the best palate of anyone I know. Even so the deliciousness of the food is a delightful surprise.

Tara, the sister I never had, and I catch up while savouring our meal. I order an amazing piece of carrot cake to go. We chat some more over coffee and tea at Ezra’s Pound coffee shop a few steps away.

I experience backed up traffic on the way home. I think “won’t be doing this for a while”.

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Cover Photo Of Gingko’s Meal

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Celeste took me out for dinner at Rendez-vous an Ethiopian restaurant close by. It was an advance birthday celebration and I decided to have something that will be hard to get in Vilcabamba.