Last 24 hours in Canada. 

I went to the farmers market at Wichwood via subway and streetcar.

New Subway Train at St Clair West subway station.

No Doors between cars on the new trains.

I said my goodbyes to a few people there. I had specifically come to say farewell to Laura. I love the way I feel with her.

Scooted off to meet with Kaya for a delicious salad. We said our goodbyes. I’ll miss her too.

Bought a clever coffee making device that’s small enough to travel.

Packed up my stuff and I am ready to travel.

My last meal in Toronto is Ethiopian with my Sarah. Love the Shiro. 

Sarah is generous enough to cut my hair even though she is tired.

I sleep upstairs in Celeste’s “Raft” bed with the skylight overhead.