I rise at 6 am. By 7:15 am my Sarah and I are on our way to the airport. This time I didn’t forget anything. It’s Sunday, so there is no traffic and we arrive by 8 am.

I check my bag and Sarah and I enjoy a coffee and great conversation before I go through security.

I stumble over the question about how long I plan to visit Ecuador. I guess because I don’t really know. Off I go to Miami with a layover of two hours on my way to Quito. The flight is slightly delayed but I arrive at Miami on time where it is raining. I sit in an aisle seat. I am grateful my ears are OK with the change in pressure.

Another aisle during my fight to Quito. We arrive to warm weather and darkness. I gain an hour of time.

That’s me on my flight to Quito.

It’s different now that I am familiar with Ecuador. More comfortable. Still got the feeling of a rush at being here.

Purchased my ticket to Loja on the 8:40 am flight.

The great Indian restaurant close to the place I am staying is closed because it’s Sunday.

It’s bed time at 9 pm.