I dreamt I was in an elevator with this woman and she suggested we hug and lift each other higher. It felt wonderful as the elevator seemed to rise with our love for each other.

I went for a walk around the Vilcabamba loop and decided to go into the park / zoo out by the river and about halfway around the loop. There are only birds and 1 monkey in the Zoo. A turkey vulture posed by stretching out its wings. Admission is 50 cents. There is a also a waterslide / pool, food stand and barbecue pits.

Turkey Vulture – Front

Turkey Vulture – Back

Waterslide in Vilcabamba Park

Enjoying the energy I feel by only eating fruits and vegetables and eating less food.

Ate a salad at Izhcayluma with Pat and Thomas. There has been some major roadwork below the property which may be causing the whole building to shift and the floor to crack. Another source says there a few houses affected all through Vilcabamba related to winter weather conditions.

Crack in the floor at Izhcayluma

Sat with Ginna at the Hidden Garden while she had dinner.