It feels a little bit like spring and summer today.

Accomplished some work and walked up to Madre Tierra with Pat and Ginna. Thomas came up a few minutes later. It’s Monday smoothie day.

Alison made a a savoury smoothie for me. I munched on some basil and kale fresh from the garden while I waited. Ginna had spied someone eating a raw pizza and ordered it. I followed suite after tasting it. It’s Gail’s, one of the owners, creation. It had a dehydrated spinach crust topped with a pesto sauce and some fresh vegetables. It’ll be a once in a while treat because it’s $6.

Pat and I practiced one word of Spanish together. It’s Quiero which means I want. I was joking around with some of the women I met by adding usted which means you. Alison and Ginna suggested a less formal way by saying Te Quiero. Quiero is a power word.

I did the loop walk with Pat. We took a different route that takes us by Rumi Wilco. The crooked bridge is either being replaced or resurrected. There is a frame for a new footing in place and the road to access it has been widened.

Looking Towards the Crooked Bridge from the Widened Road

Pat and I made a very tasty batch of Guacamole for supper.

Finished watching the Vivien Leigh movie before bed.

I’ve been commissioned by both Pat and Ginna to make them each a batch of my new chocolate.

It was also another day of my new pattern of eating.