I wake up several times during the night and I put myself to sleep by focusing on my breathing. Only a few minutes pass of wakefullness before sleep embraces me again.

I start walking to Madre Tierra at 9:20 am. I find myself slightly anxious because there are two different start times. The rain spits but holds off until I arrive. I meet Darren, one of the presenters and then Mark the other presenter.

Darren starts his presentation with his journey of reconnecting with the divine. He uses material he used before and new material. I love the way he uses clips from movies to illustrate his discovery. His premise is that the biggest lie is that we are separate from the divine and that the divine is outside of us.

His presentation takes us through the morning and into lunch. I feel like I’m in a strong emotional field that has me welling up with tears. 

Lunch is included with the seminar fee. A delicious soup followed by a large bowl of salad mix with warm quinoa based on Leisha’s recipe. Gail offers us pieces of chocolate cake made with beets’ Though I hold off, everyone who orders a piece is a fan. I share my table with Talbot’s mother Nancy and Jenise and Jenise’s husband who’s name escapes me right now.

The seminar resumes at 1 pm. Mark builds on Darrens talk by introducing us to the idea that our story both individually and collectively keeps us separated from the divine. He claims that we can change our story and we can do this through the use of language. I really resonate with his ideas and approach. 

Several people volunteer to let Mark take them through the process on stage. He uses tapping meridian points with two fingers on the body as pattern interrupters. We the audience tap along. Again I am transported into an emotional field as I witness the transformative power of language. The careful replacement of they, it and that with me and I so that we can change the story and let go of our victim feelings.

He goes on to reveal the cornerstones of his process he calls negation, projection and soft language. 

Negation is defined as “Speaking About What Wasn’t, What Isn’t, And What Won’t Be”.  This way of speaking keeps us in a state of conflict with what happened in our past.  Negation also keeps us out of alignment with how we want to be feeling … and what we want to be doing … in our present and future.

Projections Defined: A Projection is to blame someone else for what we have created for ourselves.  Its gets deeper than that … and … this is a good place to start with projections.

Soft Language = Verbal Litter

“Likes” … “I Guesses” … “Sort Of’s” … “Probably’s” … “Kind Of’s” … “Maybes” … (When Chronically Used) can weaken my energy and decicivness over the long run.  Of course there is a time and a place for me to use soft language. Having said that conscious use is best.

I also observe the power of the word “be – cause” and how the word can be used to propel the action I am taking. 

I love what is being demonstrated and I feel he could adopt some of my ideas into his protocols when my inner voice suggests that I will use these ideas in my own methods of loving and supporting others.

I come with my own statement “I LOVE GIVING and RECEIVING” which I further reduce into “I LOVE SHARING”. 

The seminar ends almost on schedule at 4:45 pm.

Since I’m already at Madre Tierra, I decide to enjoy a large salad for dinner.

Bernie passes me in his truck on the way home and I accept a ride home when he stops to ask.

My room has a double bed now because the queen bed has been moved to the room next door. I introduce myself to Marvin and Halena, my new neighbours sitting outside their room.