Pat, Thomas and I practice our new communications skills.

I am supporting Trina in preparing her yoga / contact dance workshop flyer.

Pat and I are enjoying the raw crepe, raw pizza, chocolate balls, smoothies and cabbage chips t Madre Tierra.

I get a picture of Alison’s intricate tattoo of a fox nestled in the roots of a tree.

Alison’s Tattoo

Pat and I walk back to the meditation center with JB and Dan.

I get some programming done.

I get an email from Debe saying she will be coming to Ecuador on June 11th.

Exploring Breatharian & Fruitarian concept in this book here.

Excerpt from the end of Hotema – Mans Higher Consciousness

Transcribed here:

He considered what the loss of the precious fluid of the genital glands did to eunuchs, castrated horses, hogs and other animals. He saw that the loss at the genitals and their fluid resulted in the emasculation of the animals. Whether man or beast, the results were always the same. He reasoned that decrepit men are to all intents “eunuchs”. They have dissipated their Life Essence, and the weakness and aging resulting have affected the whole body and brain. The genitals were no longer competent to elaborate the vital fluid the body and brain need, and the body sinks into decrepitude, The Endoctrine Glands are the Master Chemists of the organism. Upon their products depend the function of all the other glands. The Gonad Glands are the leaders and controllers of the Endocrine System. They are the Life Glands and they produce the most refined and most vital fluid in the organism. Loss of their substance in sexual debauchery diminishes brain power and decreases man’s conscious capacity. For that reason these glands are also called the “destructive glands.” In the act of production, man sacrifices in no small degree his own vital force and substance. Far worse than this is his shameful dissipation of Life Essence for pleasure only. The Ancient Masters correctly termed this substance the Life Essence. They knew of the damage the body suffers because of its loss. Physiological facts prove they were right. Hence, we find that Chastity is written in words of fire on all the pages of ancient scriptures.