There is a new person in the kitchen operating an expresso machine. I am offered a cappuccino by Mindy and accept. Mindy is a volunteer that will be making coffee and helping out at the meditation center. Mindy also offers to help me make the next batch of chocolate.

The Juice Factory is packed with people as I find a spot to sit and enjoy my fruit bowl. I see Anna walking by and wish to connect with her.

I pick up some red bananas to eat and head back to the meditation center. There is Anna. We walk to the center together.

Anna and I go to Madre Tierra together. I introduce her to Gail so that she can see if there is a chance for her to work there as a volunteer. Anna meets Alison as well. It’s agreed that Anna can work at Madre Tierra when she returns from her trip to Columbia around June 11th. I love looking in Anna’s eyes and I love the hugs she gives. We tour the property before coming back to the center. She share with me that she hitchhiked all the way from Sweden to Brazil including coming across the ocean. I also discover that she does Tibetan Healing Massages. We agree for me to receive one tomorrow. I share some Sufi Bliss essential oil with her before she heads off to the river.

Pat, Halena, Marvin, Gina, Bernie and I go for a walk up past Rumi Wilco and return just before dark.

At Gingkos, Gabby informs me that Nuclear Reactor #4 is on fire and the cooling pool for the spent rods is dry. This will release Plutonium into the air and spread to many parts of the world. She asks me to let my Sarah know.