I emerge from my room at 9 am after handling a support call. As I am walking toward the kitchen to get an Americano, Anna appears carrying a bag of stuff she is leaving with me while she travels to Columbia. Doug, Anna and I sit together for breakfast and then we say our goodbye’s.

I open the door to my room after returning from the Juice Factory to hear a Skype call coming in. It’s Celeste. We catch up on what is going on in our lives.

Some more work related trouble shooting before taking a cat nap. It feels like a day where it would be easy to be pushed off center.

Mike and Tamara are up at Monte Suenos getting married. Ginna and many people are attending. I thought it was an invitation only event so the day before Pat, Thomas and I had made reservations at Cafe-cultura for today.

Pat, Thomas and I jump into Thomas’ truck and pick David up at the place he gets a massage. Next we go to Le Rendezvous to pick Marie who is here to write an English test tomorrow in Loja. We are seated at Cafe-cultura just as the sun is setting. Cafe-cultura is the original building owned by the family that use to own all of Vilcabamba plus much more land.

We are seated outside on the terrace being served by Ashley. Yasu the owner and chef comes out and greets us. The meal starts with a soup. Non-dairy cream of Carrot Tri-colored Soup then it’s Curried-pumpkin Souffle served with Mediterranean Salad & Grilled Zucchini in Grilled Asparagus Juice followed by Upside-down Pineapple Quinoa Cake Topped w/ Whipped Cream


My Entree