I join Mindy, Linda and Gina for breakfast. Mindy shares her journey to the poorest part of India that had a significant affect on her. Gina also shares her experiences related to when she was younger.

AsI cross the square to get to the Juice Factory I notice a wedding taking place inside the church. I hear “Here Comes The Bride” and a moment later the bride and groom emerge.

Bride & Groom

Pat and I enjoy dinner up at Madre Tierra.

People have gathered for the sweat lodge. There will be two tonight. About 20 people enter the first sweat lodge. I get a chance to say hello to Jerri. I love Jerri’s energy.

Almost Like The Sky is On Fire

Into town I go. There is a performance going on. I connect with Trina. I buy a yummy piece of corn tortilla and some roasted corn. Trina and I watch some traditional dance and a more modern dance performance.

The feature band starts setting and put on some wonderful music to dance to, Trina invites me to dance. We start dancing and Mowoofoo joins us. We start really getting into to it. It feels like we’re the entertainment as the whole crowd watches us. Some people are taking pictures and video recording us. I’m enjoying myself. I love Trina’s energy.