In dream one I am working in a tall office building and one of the managers says that he wants to be undisturbed for three months. He heads off to his office while I inform some of the staff about his request. I look over towards the managers office and see him standing naked on the window still. A second goes by and he jumps.

In dream two I am swimming across what feels like the ocean. The water is very tangible. Thick and something I can grap and pull myself forward through. I reach the tip of a peninsula which is my goal.

In dream three I have a half of a very large avocado with the pit removed. I am working with others to shape the indent part into a heart shape. This will be placed over someone’s chest who is terminally ill to cure them. When we complete it we take it over to a medical doctor apparently in charge of the terminal patient. She looks at the heart shaped avocado and I sense she would normally dismiss it but because her patient is far gone she applies it to the patient. The patient is cured.

I wake up with a very strong affirmation that it is very important for me to live from a place where I am the change I love to see in the world.

Trina and I walk the Vilcabamba loop. The fireflies put on their magical display. I love our conversation during the walk and over a cup of tea afterward.