Eyes open at 6:45 am. Tired from going to bed late but I have errands to run before meeting up with Ginna and Eliza.

The three of us take the bus to Loja and get off near the immigration building. Ginna and I get our letter confirming that we attended for the census. We also get our migration records for residency purposes.

I find the meat grinder I’ve been looking for at the restaurant supply place. I am going to use it for grinding the dates and dried banana chunks.

At the Apple store the fellow cuts my Claro cell phone chip to fit into my iPhone. Turns out I’m locked to Telus but he says there will be an unlock coming soon that he can install. The freedom Ecuador.

Ginna and I are exhausted and decide to head back to Vilcabamaba with a Routa de Mayo taxi.

It’s Tangerine, Orange and sweet Lemon season. Oh the tropics are so divine.

Nap time.