Late rising at 9:45 am. Feeling like the root of all suffering and happiness is good – bad. Of this is born rules and laws. These are the constructs of the idea we call EGO.

A very loving father’s day greetings from my Sarah kicks off my day.

A longing fo Anna to still be here evaporates and fills in with her essence.

Spoke with Tom then Karen in the square. Hot summery day.

Made a batch of chocolate with Jill’s assistance.

2 hour nap.

Walked with Trina to Mark Englands place. Well almost. We hopped into the back of a taxi with other party goers about half way there.

The large container of chocolate I brought disappeared along with the pot luck food others brought. So many people to LOVE.  Danced.

Walked home under the canopy of stars and night jasmin and other fragrances wafting in the air.