Wow. 8 hours of sleep and still feeling tired. I guess I needed it after my last two late nights.

Bernie invites Thomas and I to bend a couple of the saplings that make up the skeleton of the new enlarged sweat lodge.

The Making of the NEW Sweat Lodge

The smoothie bar at Madre Tierra is vacant except for the radiant Alison.

The restaurant terrace keeps populating and depopulating with the women gathered at Madre Tierra for their conference. There is some handmade jewelry for sale close by. Individually three women come by to order a smoothie. One stays long enough to hint at what the conference is about.

My View From Smoothie Bar

Feels right having Alison to myself for a brief while. Thomas shows up for his lunch break. He leaves and a while later Lucas stops in for a smoothie.

I walk home and go to sleep.

Trina comes by the center to use the internet.