I wake with an inspiration to “tune” into energies of people, places and things and see if I am aligned with them and be guided by them rather than my normal senses, feelings and ideas.

Enjoying breakfast with Thomas.

Lots of work related stuff going on.

Get a message from Debe saying she is back in town. She comes by the meditation center and after meditation we meet up at the Juice Factory for lunch.

More work then I enjoy another salad at Gingkos. Irena shares her experience of visiting Drumvalo in Arizona while Galen and I listen.

Debe and I take a taxi up to Monte Suenos for the Solstice celebration. The new amphitheatre like seating and fire pit overlooking the valley is spectacular. 

NEW Seating

The Fire Pit

The View

The Fire

Drumming starts when the fire is lit while the sun sets. More people arrive.

In the darkness a new moon with a bright halo is looking surreal.

Debe, Korina and I walk back to the valley guided by Debe’s flashlight. We stop often to gaze at the stars and enjoy the night Jasmin. On one of the stops we clearly see a shooting star.

We arrive at Shantaz and enjoy a meal together.

My night ends with more work.