On my ride into Loja with Bernie I learn more about sweat lodges.

No cell phone and internet service most of the day.

At Lolka, I savour my coffee. Very smooth and naturally sweet. I buy 4 slabs of exquisite roasted chocolate for my batches of chocolate.

I decide to go to the bank and handle the transfer on my own. Success!

On the way back there is some rain.The first in over 4 weeks. Bernie shares his knowledge of mindfulness meditation. Pat is back when we arrive.

I take care of more banking.

I walk back to the center with Tamara. I walk her to the entrance and Trina arrives.

Trina and I share stir fried vegetables, ruce and vegetable soup at the Chinese food restaurant. She’s leaving to go the US either tomorrow or Sunday.

Trina and I walk up to Irena and Josh’s place to meet up with Kacper. They are Mark Englands neighbours. The dog who visits at Trina’s house accompanies us.

We share insight about consciousness and creating from the heart. Irena comes home while we are getting started. Irena nourishes us with tea and food.

Our walk there and back is movie like. With stars, fireflies and beautiful scents.