Dreamt eating anything with magnesium in it is mag-netic.

My friend Juno’s birthday today. Happy birthday!

I make a batch of chocolate with cacao paste, dried red bananas, dates, peanut butter and some coconut oil. I make it a littler more chocolaty and chewy than the last batch.

I say goodbye to Trina. Thank you for being a loving friend and wishing you a safe journey.

I take a cab up to Josh and Irena’s place. I have a chance to chat with Josh alone while we wait for the others to arrive.

Irena arrives a while later and then Kacper, Shihan, Tara and someone who reminds me of my friend Tara in Toronto. Her name is Chaska. Chaska shares her memory of looking a whale in the eye from 10 feet away while swimming in the ocean. Then a memory walking in the Andes of Peru and feeling like she would be lifted off the earth. She shares her experience of traveling with many elders of indigenous tribes of South America while we sit around a fire inside a heart shaped fire pit. I feet like a participant in an energetic field. So much sharing, love and support.

Kacper passes military grade night vision glasses with us. The zillions of stars are revealed while one of them is huge.

We all walk back around 11:30 pm.