Jill, Doug, Pat and I walk to Madre Tierra for lunch. Yummy sweet potato fries. Belated birthday lunch for Jill and going away for Doug. Doug shares a really tasty chocolate he’s made. Kacper sits with us. I enjoy his experience of putting the police in a trance.

Ginna calls to let me know that we no longer are required to get a census card.

The food processor starts to smoke when I use it to chop up the dates and red bananas. It gives up the ghost when I attempt to use it after cooling down.

I cut my thumb while putting together the grinder so Anna assits me in making the batch of cacao, coconut oil, peanut butter, dates and dried red bananas chocolate. Jill and Pat also assist.

I assist Doug in carrying his stuff to the hostel where Anna is staying. On the way we bump into Jerri and Korina.

I meet Stephanie for the first time at the hostel. Stephanie, Marcus, Doug, Anna and I eat at Charlitos.

Marcus and I walk with Doug and Anna to the bus stop. Doug and Anna board the bus to Quito. They are on their way to the hot springs outside Quito. Then Anna is off to Arizona while Doug is going back to the jungle of the Ecuador.

Stephanie, Paul and I enjoy a cup of tea and chocolate together after their meditation.