I dream that my Sarah is already in Ecuador.

I chat with Scott and Jade at the internet cafe.

I attend the viewing and memorial service for Michael Love the 7 year old son of Melinda and Brian. There are about 50 people who attend. Melinda shares how Michael kept reminding her that she is love. Michael is in room looking very much the angel he is.

I get my haircut from Fran. I feel good about my haircut.


I receive a call from the staff at the residency office informing me that the immigration record shows that I arrived in Quito from Germany and this must be corrected before they can process my application. The only place to correct this is in Quito.

I sit with Jerri, Renate and Pat outside the Juice Factory. I feel good in the midst of their energy.

Though Ecuador does not produce an especially large amount of cocoa it does produce the world’s greatest volume of “fine or flavor” beans, or cocoa beans which have distinctive tasting notes. Ecuadorian cocoa was named the best in world by the Salon du Chocolat in Paris, last October.