I wake up just he before the sun is up. At least that’s what I find out as I lie there wondering what time it is.

I get up and discover there is no hot water for the shower so I decide to skip the shower.

I’m up early to go to Loja to see if the Immigration Office can fix my migration record. Pat is up early and we both head to the side of the building where the propane tank is that heats the water. The thing is locked inside a steel / concrete case.

I catch a Ruta Taxi into Loja and get to the Immigration Office by 8:20 am. It’s open. I call Yadira to act as my interpreter. Some color copies and another call to Yadira get me a reference number for the change request the officer has submitted. Minimum 15 days before the changes are made he tells her.

I get to ride in the front seat of the Ruta a short time later. All the other times I’ve been one of the three people in the back.

Pat and I go to Madre Tierra. Simon makes us each a large glass of fresh squeezed mandarin juice from the mandarins growing out front. Quite the blast of vitamin C and flavour. I drink a fresh coconut water, papaya, banana and mint smoothie for a chaser.

Part way through a fellow named David Smith comes by. He’s written a book called Truth Journey’s. I ask if I read a copy. I get his phone number and he says he will drop off a copy soon. His own story is a page turner which I am looking forward to reading.

I take a nap.

I make a batch of chocolate. Three kinds of chocolate, dates, dried red bananas, dried black figs and peanut butter.

I join Pat for a vegetable juice at Sambucha’s. Gabriella and Leo join us for a bit

Heart Shaped Pothole about 3 feet across with a heart stone in it.