Up at 6:30 am feeling 100%. By the time everyone is moving about I have several tasks completed and I’ve eaten a papaya before breakfast.

My door stays open though I am engaged with the computer.

I connect with my friend Steve back in Canada. It’s been a while and it feels good to reconnect.

The DHL package that travelled from Mumbai, India to New York to Cincinnati to Panama City to Miami to Panama City to Guayacquil, Ecuador to Loja, Ecuador to Vilcabamaba is now in my possession.

I meet up with Jade at the Juice Factory. The place is buzzing with soup and salad eaters. I have the pleasure Jerri to the left of me and Jade to the right for a short time. Jade and I take a cab up to Madre Tierre. There are very strong winds blowing the air around.

Eventually Jade and I are the only ones on the terrace. The conversation flows and close to 4 hours pass easily. As I am speaking of my new connection with David Smith, he calls to invite me to meet him at the Hidden Garden to sell me a copy of his book and connect some more. I ask if Jade may come along.

There is time at home to try on my new clothes that are in the DHL package. They fit like they are made to measure because they are.

A short nap and it’s time to meet up with David and Jade.

The meeting takes place in Vilcabamba time. David texts me to let me know he’ll be late. Jade walks to town and arrives first. A short while later David and his wife Elizabeth joins us. Another short while later a friend of David and Elizabeth, Heather, arrives.

I am drawn in by Davids presence and story telling. I am the proud owner of David’s 2nd last copy of his book Truth Journeys. He inscribes the inside page with kind words. They leave in the reverse order of their arrival.

I walk Jade to the taxi stand. I feel giggly inside as we say good night.