I have many dreams though I can’t remember any details. I’m up by 7:30 am. Breakfast consists of papaya, bananas and coconut oil.

I’m in a Ruta Taxi on my way to Loja by 8:30 am.

I walk to the Notary’s office thinking I would be in and out but I am asked to come back at 2:30 pm to pick up the documents.

I catch a cab to take me to the dentist. We drive along the street looking for number 23-26. The highest number appears to be 21- something. I let the cab go and walk along the street. There mixed in with the 19- is 2326. I see the Dentist’s sign first and then see the number. I buzz but no answer. I call Yadira to see if she can get hold of her. A woman arrives and tries the buzzer without results. The woman calls and gets a hold of the dentist. We are greeted and I am asked to wait.

There is only the sound of drills and suction as I wait my turn. Next to no talking. A good sign since the Doctor speaks about as much English as I speak Spanish. I read a bilingual article on how a New Zealand man makes a full recovery from Swine Flu and Leukaemia with intravenous Vitamin C  drips after being declared incurable and terminally ill.

Into the office I go. The doctor is a one woman show. A quick scan around the 12 x 12 foot office. It’s clean and she does have one of those dental sterilization ovens on te shelf. The looks looks second hand and completely horizontal. I lie down and point to the tooth that feels like the filling is cracked. She gets to work. What feels like 15 minutes and she’s done. No pain. I point to the tooth on the other side and nods to let me know it needs fixing also. I nod approval to go ahead. As she drills away it becomes sensitive. I raise my hand. She says a word in Spanish. I look confused. She says ”pain” and I nod yes. My new Spanish word is “dolor” which is “pain”. It takes several attempts to get this tooth to the right height.

It’s time for the bill. $50.

I run a a few errands and pick up my notarized documents at 2:20 pm.

I ride in the front seat of the Ruta Taxi after waiting for one for about 45 minutes.

Whenever I bite down on the second tooth there is pain. I’m hoping it will go away.

The Tooth

I eat on the left side of my mouth and go to sleep.