During the night one of those little black fly bites that make my skin itch initially keeps me from falling asleep. I say my LOVE and PEACE and sync the words with my breath. The itch subsides and sleep returns.

I am up by 7:30 am and I get into the kitchen before the girls arrive to make breakfast. I scoop the flesh of the papaya into my mouth. Once done I return to bed for a short while.

My conversation with Tom takes me to almost noon. I go to turn on the shower and there is no water.

I call Ginna to welcome her back and take a taxi to Madre Tierra. I order soup. Also the vegetables over Quino special. Falong, whose up there for the Kin conference sits with me during lunch.

I go to pay my bill and see the server on the phone. There’s a familiar business card on the counter. She’s booking a reservation for William on the mini van shuttle to Cuenca. Perfect timing because I was going to just show up at the terminal to catch one of the shuttles. I ask her if she could make a reservation for me on the 9:30 am one. Done!

William and I exchange numbers and agree to share a taxi to Loja at 8 am.

I cab it back to town and find Ginna and Jill at Sambucha’s. I catch up with Ginna and say my farewell to Jill. William calls to say he is catching an earlier shuttle.

The waters back on but no hot water. Bernie gets Eddie to change the propane tank. Shower time.

I read a few more chapters of Roppongi.

Tom and I dine at Shantaz.

I bid Tom safe travels because he’ll be leaving for Tenna before I get back.