I wake up and use my Love – Peace technique to go back to sleep. Takes a little longer because I know I am getting up early.

I am awake and a couple of minutes later the alarm set for 6:30 am goes off.

I am at the bus stop by 7:35 am and get in the front seat of a Routa taxi within 5 minutes.

I walk to the bank to get some cash from the ATM. Then I walk all the way to the end of 18 Novembre st where the Elite Tours office is. It’s a leisurely 25 minute walk.

Loja Gate – You see this from the Elite Tours office (looking right)

Mural – Elite Tours is up past the first balconies

We’re of 15 minutes late at 9:45 am. I am in the back. Spare seat beside me. The other 5 passengers sleep most of the way but I take in the scenery. The young girls turn on their music on their phones while the vans speakers sound their own music.

No toilet stop on route and we arrive exactly 3 hours later.

I call Leon the English speaking taxi driver and he takes me to the visa office. I find out I have to go to Quito to fix the migration record and bring it back to them here in Cuenca. They will only take documents hand delivered by me. No couriers.

Leon drives me to the airport and I book a flight for 8:40 am to Quito.

Leon takes me to the Aqua Hotel (08-415-0950) about 6 blocks from the main square. Clean and safe place for $15 without breakfast which I would be up too early to get anyway.

The Aqua Hotel – red building in the middle

Super Shower with HOT water

Leon takes me to Eucalyptus Cafe www.cafeeucalyptus.com recommended by Ginna. I enjoy the French Onion soup and Pad Thai at lunch time prices. They even have free WIFI.

A shoe shine, a scoop of ice cream and a long search for bananas for breakfast before I get back to the hotel.