I wake at the crack of dawn. Lots of ideas floating around for BitCoin after signing up at BitCoinary.com the latest innovation that connect buyers and sellers directly. It also lets members validate their credentials and from there it establishes an integrity rating similar to eBays.

Leon’s taxi is in for repairs. I walk into the city and find a place for breakfast next to the main Cathedral.

I take a taxi to the Ministry OF External Affairs office to drop off the revised migration record. They will call to notify me of the next step.

Another taxi takes me to the Elite Tours office. 10 minutes later I am Loja bound.

I put the chair back and daydream for a good part of the drive. I take a bathroom break when the driver stops for gas.

We arrive in Loja 3 hours and 20 minutes later.

I grab a taxi to the Routa De Mayo taxi terminal. 5 minutes later I am in the front passenger seat on route to Vilcabamba.

I drop off my stuff and walk to the Juice Factory for a smoothie. Just as I am leaving Olivia, Pat’s daughter, emerges from the room next to mine.

Chaska arrives and we get a chance to talk and make loose plans to get together in the next few days. Love being with Chaska.

Jerri arrives. I love her hugs and presence.

I return home to attend to emails and other stuff on the computer.

BitCoin Card coming.