I get a sense of home being back in my room at the “Center”.

I make a to do list and start down. Picking off the easiest first. The list is a mixture of work and kind of play.

Pat and I catch up over breakfast.

Jade calls and we arrange to meet at the Juice Factory around 1 pm.

I arrive at the Juice Factory pretty bang on at 1 pm. Jade is there chatting with a couple of new people in town. She’s engaged so I head over to Jerri who is bouncing baby Liam on her lap. Sitting with her are Heather, Sarah and Miles. I get to bounce Liam on my lap and exchange funny faces.

Jade introduces me to the new couple and I bring him up to speed on my visa experience.

Jade and I begin our conversation over soup and salad. We cover her “phantom” baby phenomenon and explore a fabric of word and sentences.

Amalaa joins us for a while and before I know it the Juice Factory closes for the day.

Jade and I walk to “Canadian John’s” place and check out one of the houses he has for rent, I walk Jade back to Charlito’s for her meeting with Leisha.

At home I get back to more business and pleasure on the computer. More things get completed on my checklist.