An all night party with some heavy base sounds finally ends at 7 am. I woke once during the night but managed to get back to sleep in 15 minutes.

My day starts off with the runs. No other symptoms. Not feeling sick. Feels more like purging.

The possibility of rain and the uncertainty of my bowel movements provide the fodder for the impulse to cancel walking to the organic farm market with Pat after breakfast. One more run to the bathroom and I decide to risk it.

The market is really a house with a few acres of land. Frank, Tamara and Kitzia are the principles of this adventure. Frank takes me into the garden. All the plants look vibrant and healthy. Frank describes the “chicken tractor” he built. A portable coup used to move the chickens from bed to bed. No chickens yet.

Almalaa, Elisa and a few others are there. More people arrive. Jade and Scott arrive. I drink 4 glasses of fresh squeezed Mandarin juice. I like the ambience. There are plans to make part of the garden into an organic cafe and social hub.

Amalaa joins Pat and I as we journey down a street nearby to see if we can find Carl’s place. He’s the energy behind the cold pressed coconut operation on his property. Carl is home and describes his process. A device splits mature coconuts in half. There is another machine that eviscerates the meat from the coconut. The meat is dried and fed into the cold press device that looks like a 1 inch diameter tube. The press is bicycle powered. Carl shares the story of how his poor health was cured by the coconut and led him to this adventure. He has many other inspired plans.

Pat buys the 30 ounce jar and I buy the 16 ounce jar Carl’s Oro Blanco coconut oil.

1/3 of the way into town I hail a cab for Pat and I to get back to the Center.

An hour nap refreshes me.

Jade and I hang out at the Juice Factory until it closes and her client arrives.

I get a chance to talk to Acaiah and Jerri who are waiting for the sweat lodge to start.

I watch bits and pieces of some movies.

There is a party going loud and strong at midnight a few houses over.