The electricity in Vilcabamba is shout down as announced. The sound of silence is broken by a disco beat nearby. I am surprised and then conclude it must be a car stereo.

Power is restored before 10 am.

I see that it’s Sarah D.’s birthday today on Facebook.

I use the meat grinder to combine the dried red bananas and dates into a sticky goo. All prepared to add it to the chocolate ingredients up at Monte Suenos with Sarah D.

After a nap I take a taxi up to Monte Suenos. Ben is there playing guitar. We chat while waiting for Sarah D. to arrive.

I am delighted to see and hug Sarah when she arrives.

Sarah and I combine melted cacao paste, coconut oil, almond butter, the date / banana paste, maca powder, mushroom powder and acai powder. She kneads into a paste like mass. Once in the containers it goes into the freezer.

Sarah and I catch up on what’s transpired while she’s been gone. We enjoy the chocolate and fresh made warm almond milk.

There is a celebration for Brian, Meredith’s husband who passed over last year on this date. I am invited. We bring one tray of the chocolate as our contribution to the dinner.

There are about 20 of us for a sit down dinner. Caroline sits across from me and we get to know each other better. Chaska also sits across from me after the dessert round.

A fire is lit and we gather around it. Some people have already taken their leave. I take charge of the fire. Sam plays didgeridoo and a singing bowl. Meredith burns a note.

I take a taxi back to the meditation center. 

I can hear the music coming from the celebration in the square.