Pat and I take a taxi up to Madre Tierra for lunch. It’s the last time Alison will be sering at the Monday smoothie bar. Faldo and someone new are at the bar. I order a Banana, coconut water, papaya, cinnamon and ginger smoothie. I also get a bowl of zucchini soup. I buy the rest of the dehydrated cabbage chips in the jar.

Amalaa arrives and a few minutes later Jade arrives. A bit later Ginna and Felix also arrive. Wolfgang shows up after this. During all this I enjoy another smoothie of Babaco, banana and coconut water.

Babaco Fruit

Matthew, Raphael and Mofwoofoo arrive. The busiest I’ve seen the place. It turns into 3 hour hangout for me.

A Full House


Talk To My Agent :)

Before Pat and I leave I get a freshly squeezed mandarin juice. It’s so satisfying. I give Alison a goodbye hug.

Ginna, Felix and the puppy stop by to pick up some movies. I finally get to share some chocolate with Ginna because the new batch doesn’t have peanuts.

Pat, his daughter Olivia and I dine at the Hidden Garden. The chapotle spagetti is satisfying.