Half a year since I boarded an American Airlines flight to South America and started my almost possessionless journey (still have about eight banker size boxes of stuff).

A night of quiet is refreshing to wake from.

The residue of an event sits with me during the day. A reminder to be centered and to change patterns.

The trip to the Juice Factory fills me with soup, salad and two Vilca Verde smoothies. It also introduces me to Caila. New in town from Guatemala. There is a moment of wishing I was younger.

I connect with Peter and Sean who are sharing a Villa in San Joaquin.

I lie down for my second nap of the day. Each feeling longer than the clock reveals.

I finish the novel Roppongi by Nick Vasey.

I am intrigued with the idea of writing. Inspired by Jade and one of her favourite writer’s essay on how he constructed his award winning novel  http://www.shantaram.com/pages/ShantaramArchitecture2010.pdf and other material revealing itself to me.

I stumble across a cache of 88 pay-to-see videos produced by a former resident of Vilcabamba named Nathalie Duffau at her website http://www.vilcabambatv.com/ . Do I spend the the money to see what’s behind closed doors? There is other footage available here for free about some people still present in Vilcabamba.