Up at 6:50 am.

I watch some more of the YouTube videos on VilcabambaTV.com about local personalities past and present. I discover my neighbour George here at the Meditation Center is a former banker and a deacon.

Over breakfast I confirm with George his life as a banker at Chemical Bank and a Deacon in the Catholic church. He is also a former marine and is wearing a gold medal on his sweater and a cap associating him with this experience.

I finish watching the Back to Eden film (its free to watch online or download) I downloaded yesterday. It clearly shows how to grow an abundant garden without ongoing the ongoing effort of watering, fertilizing, weeding and pest controlling which is associated with farming. The main person in the video gives away the produce for free and feeds it to his chickens. The key appears to be a 4 plus inch layer of soil covered with a 4 inch layer of mulch, The mulch is both wood, chips, bits of branches and twigs and leaves. Simply leave (think of the word) where the leafs fall.

At the Juice Factory I sit with Fran. I also enjoy hugs from Sarah D., Irena and Jerri. Jerri is off to her new home do get it cleaned for her to live in.

Back to the center to make chocolate. Cacao paste, maca, coconut oil, dates, tahini butter and dried red bananas.

A couple of naps are dispersed in these events as well.

I wake feeling a bit nauseous with aching legs. Part of me is hungry but I choose to fast. Some tea and water.

I listen to a recording that Kacper and Josh have on their website http://www.silentfurnace.com/.

There’s a another YouTube which suggest that the key to cosmic consciousness is being in alignment with what is. This really resonates with what I am exploring in myself.

I decide to stay home instead of attending the Full Moon ceremony at Monte Suenos.