Another sunny warm day. Clear skies.

Alison drops in just before noon. She’s just come back from climbing Mandango with Scott. She did the climb and back in under 4 hours. I gift her some chocolate and bid her farewell. She is returning to the USA via Columbia on August 6th.

I Skype with Celeste who is recovering from and revelling in her Laser corrective eye surgery yesterday.

Debe and I enjoy the soup at Charlito’s.

There is a local fellow named Arturo who I’ve heard walks every day from Malacatos, about 10 kms from here. I had seen a video on VilcabambaTV.com featuring this man. He’s kemp, so appears on the surface that he’s cared for. He asks people for change. Yesterday I gave him a $1 bill and he returned. Again today in Charlito’s, I gave him a $1 bill. He grabbed my drink and held on to it. Charlie chased him away. A few minutes later he came back and threw the bill back into the restaurant. The video claims he prefers bills but my experience is the opposite.

Later in the square, Renate, Pat and I saw Arturo again. Pat mentioned that he had a preference for Coca Cola so I went and bought one. I gave it him and he kept it along with the 50 cent piece I also gave him.

By 4:30 pm I am napping.

I do some work.

The ATM at the church wouldn’t let me withdraw $200 saying I was over my limit but let me withdraw $100 twice for 45 cent fee each time.

On my way back I connected with Ben and Sarah D. at the variety store just before they went home to Monte Suenos.

I also introduced myself to Nate who designed the WaterWomanEcuador.com website. I like his work and he’s looking for more work. Contact him hereĀ http://newparadigmdesign.com/contact.html.