After breakfast Pat and I set out to go to Kitzia’s place where they sell organic produce.

I cross the new bridge that replaces the slanted bridge over by Rumi Wilco. This one is all metal.

Towards Rumi Wilco

Facing Away From Rumi Wilco

The Old Bridge

Another Shot of The Old Bridge

Half the Old Bridge lying along the river bank below the new (Recycled)

Old Bridge when it was being split in two

As Pat and I step off the main road a pick up truck stop and offers us a ride for the rest of the way. Lots of people there and most of the pre-picked produce is gone. More is being harvested in the field. Now that’s fresh. I buy bananas and cacao pods. The cacao is from somewhere else. I buy one of each color. I am curious to see if colour makes a difference for ripeness or taste.

After explaning my symptoms, Sarah Sherman suggest I may have a parasite called Giardia.

Pat, Sarah D. and I share a cab back into town.

After dropping off my groceries, I go to Charlito’s for some Sweet Potato fries and a fresh squeezed glass of orange juice.

I pick up a letter at the post office.

I buy blank DVD discs in town. 3 different places and 3 different prices. 50 cents, 75 cents and $1.25.

Carmen says hello and points to Thomas in his truck nearby. He’s back from Tenna and is staying in Loja for a couple of days before going to Yansasa.

Dinner is a t Sambucha’s tonight. Heather passes by and offers to show me her new apartment. I love it.

Gavin fills me in on some of his experience here in Vilcabamba. He’s been here quite a long time.

Gavin from the net

Gavin’s Book Causes a stir – 2008 VilcabambaTV.com

2 more fresh squeezed orange juices at Natural Yoga. I know they are fresh because I see her goes to the store and buy a bag of oranges.

Fresh Cacao Pods for sale at Kitzia’s