I awake feeling sluggish. Not surprising since I went to bed at 4 am. It’s 9 am now.

I momentarily think of skipping the Kitzia market.

Pat and I arrive at Kitzia’s at 10 am. Lot’s of people sitting, standing and chatting.

Pat and I catch a ride back into town in Sarah D.s cab. We get out at the building that Sarah D. tells us is the internet service provider in town.

I’m home debating between making chocolate or napping when Heather calls. The one bedroom apartment in her building is available for $250 a month. I head over right away to check it out. Brand new with built in cabinetry, gas stove, washing machine, bathtub, bed, couch and coffee table. Marble floors. There is a large window facing the stairwell, another two windows high up on the wall but only 1 foot tall for light. It feels like a basement apartment with 10 foot ceilings. 

I decide to take it. The owner comes over to answer my questions. I agree to come back with a copy of my passport and a 1 month deposit. I can move in on Monday.

As I walk back to get the passport and money. Doubt sets in. As I search for my computer case to test out the wifi at my new place, I realize the apartment is not for me.

I go back to Heather’ place who has the 3 bedroom place upstairs in the same unit. I let her know I am having second thoughts. We have tea and a long conversation. At the end I “check in” with myself and I am certain the apartment is not for me.

We find Pat and he also declines living there. We inform the owner and it’s over. Peace returns.

Pat, Heather and I dine on a vegetarian pizza each at Shanta’s. 

I watch the belly dancer performance in the square before going home.