I wake up several times during the night. Sipping water. I can feel myself getting healthier each time.

I hook up with Sarah D. at the Juice Factory and we wander around together getting a few things done. We stop by my place to pick up a tray of chocolate and head back into town.

I accept Sarah D.’s invite to check out her new place. Ben rides along with us. The place is a short ways along the river. The taxi climbs a steep driveway that I am told not all of them are willing to do. Sarah D. rents the upper portion of the house. It’s a one bedroom modern place with a spectacular view.

From The Sarah D.’ Balcony Looking East

Looking West

I watch the movie The Yes Men. SeeĀ http://theyesmen.org/.

I read on the Vilcabamba Boletin thatĀ Elyzabeth died this afternoon. People here have been caring for her over the past while.