I dream of waiting in a store to be served. Hours pass. I finally complain. I am ignored. A sales woman comes and sees that I am upset. She assures me that all will be well by giving me kiss. A french kiss. Not quite assured. She repeats the kiss.

No visits to the bathroom overnight. My intestines are settled.

Soup at the Juice Factory. I bring my own bread. Back home I eat goat cheese and bread.

I nap.

A few of us hire a cab to take us to the two rivers in Yamburara to participate in this ceremony:

As we had mentioned, the Peace and Dignity Journeys are a prayer —while walking— of those who, carrying ceremonial staffs and uniting the extremes of this continent, gather every four years inspired by the flight of the condor and the eagle, this time to honor Yakumama. 

This walk, which was dreamed and foreseen by our grandparents many, many years ago so that the culture, the understanding, the wisdom of the original peoples of this América could survive, reminds us that we still have the possibility, the tools of communicating with the Spirit world, with luminous father/mother, and thus ensure for ourselves a worthy future in brotherhood, being the sons and daughters of Mother Earth, because like the rain that falls upon all, this prayer shared by all, reaches Tayta dios like raindrops.

This is an invitation for all those of us who drink water, who bathe, and need of her purity, her freedom, so we can make her ours, so she can belong to all. Let‘s get together, all of us from every continent, from every race and every color, to fly together and honor our life, our past, our future—making it worthwhile for everyone to live.

Pre Ceremony Arrival

The Condor

The Fire and Offerings

The Elder