New moon. New beginnings. I dial into the idea and feeling of life is always loving, peaceful and in harmony though my perception differs.

I decide to have my big meal of the day early. One vegetarian pizza at Shanta’s. I take some photos while waiting.

The Bar Stools at Shanta’s

Many Potted Cacti Outside

Some Of the Many Artifacts Inside the Restaurant

On the way back I get a chance to take a photo of a tree that has been cut. No growth rings.

No Growth Rings

Back at the Juice Factory I invite Chaska and Amalaa to join me at new restaurant tomorrow:

New Restaurant, La Re-Vuelta Del Che

Restaurant offering traditional Argentinian cuisine.
Preparing homemade dishes using organic produce as much as possible!
We offer barbecues, homemade pastas, pizzas and other specialties.
We are open to serve you Saturdays and Sundays for lunch and dinner.
Past San Pedro, on the road toward Loja. Look for our sign on the left!
Please make your reservations at tel 093103499 or 081679000
We look forward to seeing you!

I reserve 4 places.

I go back into town with Pat. He eats chinese food with Raphael, Penelope and Ed while I indulge in two glasses of orange juice across the street. Still feeling full. I join the crew after I am done.

I receive what looks like good news from the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs regarding my residency application based on Google translate.