I am feeling healthy.

I arrive at the Juice Factory at 12:45 pm with Pat. Amalaa is there waiting for us. We take a taxi to El Descanso Del Toro and pick up Chaska. We’re off to the new restaurant, La Re-Vuelta Del Che just past San Pedro on the way to Loja. It’s a $2 taxi ride.

The panoramic view is spectacular. I can see Vilcabamba and Mandango from our table.

View From Entrance of a Re-Vuelta Del Che

Looking Towards the Entrance of a Re-Vuelta Del Che

I love living in a place where windows are optional.

The menu is extensive including some exotic items like stuffed cow brain and udders. The prices are high.

Chaska gets a custom steamed vegetables and a salad with avocado. Pat and I order a medium rare sirloin steak with a salad. I get a side order of green and black olives. Pat gets a side order of guacamole. Amalaa orders a pizza with egg and parsley.

The custom steamed vegetables come with extra vegetables. Pat’s steak is over done while mine is more medium than rare. Amalaa’s pizza looks good. The pizza bottom reminds me of a non greasy Pizza Hut crust.

I enjoy my food.

Back at the Juice Factory I buy some Raw Tree Honey and Almond butter. Tree honey is made by small bees without stinger and has a sweet and sour flavour.

A fresh squeezed orange juice at the Natural Yogurt bar before heading home.

El Descanso Del Toro http://www.descansodeltoro.com