Amalaa arrives and we set about making my latest chocolate creation. Jakara who is staying here with her husband Chris also pitches in.

This time dates, dried red bananas and goldenberries go through the meat grinder. In the bowl are two kinds of cacao, tree honey and almond butter. I add the “dough” and kneed it all together. The dough is ready for the cacao paste mixed with coconut oil that’s melted in the double boiler. The gooey “dough” is pressed into three trays and placed in the freezer then frifdge. Voila Sweet & Sour chocolate.

Nadia and George arrive as we’re finishing. Nadia and I do an exchange of chocolate for one of her lymph treatments.

Everyone agrees the batch has turned out well.

I eat steak, mashed potatoes and salad with Will and Jade at Sambucha’s. The meat is chewy.

I spend the evening revamping my friends website. Only 3 pages to go and the internet stops working. Time for bed.