I wake from 5 hours of sleep. I start thinking about BitCoins.

I check my computer and respond to 2 urgent messages from clients. The main company computer has crashed an was replaced. The owners are flying to Vancouver to be with their new grandchild in the next hour. Can I get the computer restored and everybody back to work?

I set things up so I can control the remote computer. Several hours later business is running again.

I meet with Nadia at the Juice Factory and we go to her place so that I can receive my Lymph drainage treatment combined with various massage techniques. She has a special tool for lymph drainage based on a design over 2000 years old. She “combs” my entire body from the waist up. Nadia also finds all the muscle spots that give me pain and treats these also. To finish off she does Reiki on me. I feel really relaxed.

The treatment was in exchange for a tray of chocolate.

Pat and I head up to Shanta’s but it’s closed. So we jump into a taxi and make our way to Hosteria Vilcabamba (www.hosteriavilcabamba.com)

Dining Room at Hosteria Vilcabamba

It’s Filet Mignon time. Medium rare. Good portion. Comes with vegetables, fries and salad.