A nice long sleep to begin my day of travels.

I catch the 10:15 am bus to Loja and get off at the Super Maxi plaza by 11:15 am. I get some money at the bank.

I take a taxi to the Riscomar restaurant recommended by Pat. I order Filet Mignon. The electricity goes off but my meal still comes. The chef cooks by the light from the gas stove. As I am eating, the waiter brings a bowl of cooked black beans and rice which I didn’t order but eat half of anyway. I enjoyed the meal. So far Hosteria Vilcabamba has the best beef.

Riscomar Restaurant

I arrive a half an hour early at Elite Tours for my ride to Cuenca. Since there are only 3 of us going at 1 pm they send us off in a car. Previously it’s always been a mini van. I get to ride in the front seat. We arrive 3 1/2 hours later.

I check into Aqua Hotel. They ask $20 per night but I get it for $15. My room has 2 double beds and is away from the road unlike the last time.

I get a hold of Thomas who moved here from Vilcabamba. On my way to meet up with him for dinner I see a juice bar called Live Organico. For my friends in Toronto, this place has the same logo as the restaurant in Toronto. This is something I am going to check out before I leave.

Live Organico Cuenca, Ecuador

I meet Thomas in the square and we dine at the Eucalyptus Restaurant. I order spicy Indian potatoes, garlic nan bread and marsala with rice. I like it all. Thomas tells me how much he likes Live Organica. We catch on what’s been happening in our lives over the course of 3 1/2 hours.