The phone rings at 8:30 am. It’s Norie letting me know that they are picking me up by taxi in a few minutes. I scramble to put my clothes on then let Anita know that I am skipping breakfast as I grab the tray of chocolate from the fridge.

Norie, Richard and Galina are waiting in the taxi. Off we go to Hacienda San Joaquin where Galina and Clif are staying.

The house is spacious and modern. Galina prepares some food and we all share ideas and creativity. 

Norie, Richard and I say our farewells and take a taxi to Shanta’s. It’s Norie and Richards first time.

I eat a vegetarian pizza. While we’re waiting for our food Norie chats with Shanta and she takes some pictures. Shanta shows her his parrot who I think is named Futura. I share some chocolate with everyone.

Shanta’s Parrot

On our way into town we stop by the Water Woman site. Caela and Lula are attaching signs to the posts lining the driveway. We walk some of the grounds and head into town where Norie and Richard head off to catch their bus.

I spend the rest of the afternoon preparing my site to sell BitCoins.