Feeling pretty similar to the day before.

I get another idea for my Bitcoin site that feels like I’m here to participate in it’s evolution and distribution. Testing, doing Bitcoin transactions and cleaning up the code takes me to lunch time.

Two bowls of soup at the Juice Factory then Pat, Olivia and I walk to the Water Woman Festival (WaterWomanEcuador.com). Pat and I get our wrist bands at the gate. I can see how much effort has gone into it and here it is.

My Water Woman Wrist Band

I wander around taking pictures and spend some time talking with Jerri.

See all the picture here. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4518443041735.188554.1310526048&type=1&l=17433c6079

I leave to go to the bank, drop off some things at my place and get back to Water Woman.

I spend some time with Chaska discussing the email I posted on yesterdays entry.

The opening ceremonies start with a walk around the Mandala de Tierra as we stream to in front of the main stage. Indigenous people from South America and North America share their wisdom, insight and blessings. The Eagle and Condor have come together in Vilcabamba.

I feel a lot of emotion with tears welling up in my eyes. The Cree native from Canada who has set on all continents except this one until now. He says in the next 13 month, the river of life is narrowing and we will see it rise and speed up. It feel like I am at the place where the butterfly flaps its wings (the ceremony here) and builds up enough energy to become a storm somewhere else. It feels like we were changing the world in a  big way just by coming together here at this time.

Mandala de Tierra

The Condor & The Eagle

A ceramic bowl of water is carried over to the Mandala as we walk in procession. It’s dark by the time the ceremony finishes with the almost full moon emerging from behind the clouds. I head home.

I boil some ginger in water. Jonathan, who is staying at the meditation center, arrives. I introduce myself and we wind up sharing ideas for over an hour.