A Blue Moon Day!

Straight out of bed to work. On Skype with a client for 1 1/2 hours. From there I am on Skype with Celeste getting some important documents scanned which turns out to take quite a while. I spend a little more time polishing up my Bitcoin site.

By 1 pm I am showered and off to the Juice Factory where Pat, Olivia and I walk over to Water Woman. I am hungry. Nothing resonates with my palate from the vendors so Pat and I eat pizza at Shanta’s.

Olivia and I at The Juice Factory

Jerri joins Pat and I where we take in two performances at the main stage. The first involved a Belly Dancer. The second was an electronic Kirtan kind of experience. Their music really makes my body move.

Belly Dancing

More pictures https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4525983070231.188677.1310526048&type=1&l=c870c07906.

I walk to the gate with Jerri and make my way home.

I get involved in more Bitcoin stuff and the evening slips away.

There is a post on Facebook of this 4 year old asian boy who plays the piano amazingly. Crystal childen. No further proof required.

Around 10 pm the music starts. Right across the street. A birthday party. I step outside to see the fireworks exploding.

Jonathan and I get into another conversation that ends when the music ends at 1 am.

I can hear the music from the Water Woman festival quite clearly as more time dissipates.