Seeding the Bitcoin world and beating a path to the new frictionless economy.

“To say the cryptocurrency bitcoin is disruptive would be an understatement. Bitcoin not only disrupts payments and monetary sovereignty, it also disrupts the legal enforcement of anti-money laundering laws, asset seizure, and capital controls.”  


Regulating a bitcoin is like regulating an air guitar. The only thing we know for certain is that it’s not going away.”


For those people in Argentina that want to bypass currency controls and also shelter their money from government-induced inflation, this Buenos Aires exchange community claims to buy and sell bitcoin for Argentine pesos.”

by Jon Matonis at Forbes Magazine

Pat and I go to lunch at Cafe Longevita. No spagetti available so I order a platter which I thought will be fish though the name of the fish didn’t sound familiar. Pat orders the chicken platter. My gamble pays off. I get served lightly breaded shrimp, fries and a coleslaw like salad. Another winner. A side order of rice comes out a few minutes later. Best rice so far in any place I’ve eaten.

I get to the Juice Factory afterwards and realize I’ve left my bag of stuff (camera, phone and keys). I zip back to find all is well.

I pick up my package with the stuff my daughter mailed me. Included is my German birth certificate which I discover is translated with legends into 10 different languages including Spanish. Yay!

Sarah Demeestere’s new short film “Osmosis” preview here I love this “DuElle” also

I set up an account with TransExpress. transExpress gives me a US Mailing address to ship purchases to and have them forwarded to me here in Ecuador. Thanks to Yadira who is always “At Your Service”.

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Many of you have asked if the Club Correos Website could be in English. 

Club Correos is powered by TransExpress which is available in English.

Feel more comfortable filling in the application form, once you have read all the information provided in English.

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San Rafael Falls was formed in the rain forest, which is closest to the city of Quito. To get to the waterfall of San Rafeal you have to drive on the highway, Quito-Lago Agrio which in the meantime reveals amazing views of the area Papallacta. The road then continues to the very highest waterfall in Ecuador.