I talk with Celeste on Skype.

I meet up with Ginna for lunch at Jardín Escondido. There are a lot of things that Ginna is excited about in her life right now. I am delighted by what is unfolding for her. Her puppy has grown quite a bit.

Jardín Escondido

I share my coffee / cardamon chocolate with several people. I sell 1/2 a trays worth.

I make a batch of coconut oil, cacao butter and rose concrete cream. Good for massaging, moisturizing and smelling nice.

Norie’s book “Return To The Garden” is available on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0098OC3LI/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmb.

I complete my simple overview of Bitcoins http://bitcoinbook.tumblr.com/.

A real world guide to using Bitcoins is in the works.