I wake up before sunrise. At first my thoughts devise a way to give everyone a vote using text messaging. My mind switches to a solution to the Monsanto protests.

There is a much more effective way to deal with Monsanto or any other Multi-National.

When people protest in the street it’s the governments that deal with the problem NOT Monsanto.This also gives the government an excuse to attack their citizens. Instead, if everyone sent an email every day to say investor.relations@monsanto.com or sales@monsanto.com then Monsanto’s email server would be shut down. This could expand out to the personal email addresses of Monsanto’s management, board of directors and any people directly profiting off of Monsanto. They could attach a photo of no GMO to increase the load on the email server even more. http://www.picfront.org/d/8Oka

I eat soup at the Juice Factory with Elisa.

I take a cab out to Norie and Richard’s place with my chocolate making supplies. Norie is in Loja. Richard and I enjoy a conversation and then I make some chocolate – dried red banana, peanut butter and 2 kinds of cacao.

Grinding Dried Red Bananas

I forgot my phone. Richard hangs out with until a taxi comes along and picks me up. I climb into the back portion with 4 other people.

Pat points out the fire burning on top of the mountain in San Pedro.

Fire In San Pedro

Pat & I dine at Hosteria Vilcabamba. We order our filet mignon “medio” and it arrives just right.

Dentist in Cuenca recommended by Marcelle and Robert:

Our Cuenca dentist is Dr. Juan Vega. He is very personable and competent. He is a recommend dentist on Cuenca High Life and his information is listed below. 

Dr. Juan Fernando Vega R.

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