I awake with the idea of removing the second O in good.

I feel god.

I am god.

God for you.

Will drops in on his way back from the market. We exchange ideas around the words assume and speculation. I happen to have the http://wordinfo.info dictionary open to augment the conversation.

Great to see Jade at the Juice Factory who is back from Cuenca.

I arrive at Chaska’s around 12:30 pm. I clean files and programs off her computer. Smoothies and sandwiches to satisfy my hunger.

A taxi picks me up as I walk back into the village. My first free cab ride. Thanks!

I meet Pat in the village. As we set off for the Chinese food restaurant, a smiling Trina approaches. We all dine at the Chinese restaurant.

I chat with Emma sitting at Pura Vida.

I get home to find an email from my Sarah. Yay!