I awake with insights and inspirations.

Trina books an appointment with a dentist in Cuenca for me.

Trina makes a delicious soup with ingredients from the garden for our lunch at her place. Will and I exchange thoughts regarding the use of the work require in place of need or want. We speculate on the injection and use of coins into the Vilcabamba economy.

Walking back from Trina’s place I experience a movie moment. Vibrant company, weather and environment.

I vacuum seal more chocolate at Heathers. I wrap the chocolate in the other plastic first and it slips into the bag easily. Heather and I share some time afterwards.

I walk to the post office to mail chocolate to my daughter Sarah and my friend Juno.

I make a new batch of double peanut butter chocolate.

Trina & I start referring to working on our computers together as being at the “office”.