I awake from a dream where I discover my mail being opened and destroyed.

A morning of trust (faith) in the benevolence of life. I am aware of my mind embracing the worst case scenario in several situations that arise. I witness how the scenarios reslove themselves without the drama that the mind has fabricated. Trust affirmed.

I sit with David Wright and Renata at the Juice Factory for lunch.

At home a tiredness washes over me. I put off taking a nap as long as I can. I succumb.

Trina and I walk to Madre Tierra.

Sarah D. emerges from the reception. I love seeing her again. I am happy that she is back.

Gail allows Trina and I to use the conference center for Trina to experience the space for performance purposes.

The Space

We explore use of the space with both Melissa and Gail while I enjoy the evening dinner special of mashed potatoes, carrots and beef stroganoff.

A moonlit stroll home in the warmth of the night.